In our pursuit to improve our health and wellness, we normally convert to an all-natural, organic lifestyle.   While we carefully read labels and avoid the harmful chemicals that goes into our food, we sometimes fail to account for the substances that is absorbed by our skin.  Commercial soaps normally are full of chemicals that we cannot even pronounce.    Dyes and fragrances used are also made of synthetic substances rather than natural extracts from plants.   Some experts even say that these harmful chemicals stay in our skin for almost 12 hours.

Simply switching our daily skin care products into all-natural, organic ones will improve our overall wellness.  There are a whole lot of benefits for using organic soaps.    A few are listed below:

It is gentler on the skin.  Commercial soap normally contains chemicals that causes rashes, soreness and other skin inflammations.  Since organic soap does not contain any of these harmful substances, it is almost impossible to develop allergies and/or other irritations.

 It contains anti-bacterial qualities.  The natural essential oils used in organic soap have natural anti-bacterial qualities.  Therefore, it does not only leave us feeling fresh, but it also protects us from diseases.

It nourishes the skin.  In the same way that plants nourishes our body,  plant extracts also nourishes our skin.  It does not have any harmful substances that dries out the skin, unlike commercial soaps.  Instead, it even revitalizes and rejuvenates.

It is environment-friendly.  We all know that commercial soap is bad for the environment.  They not only create harm for the animals and green surroundings, but once these chemicals seep through our water supply, they again enter our body through contaminated water.   Using organic soap does not only create a better environment for mother nature, but it also provides overall healthy surroundings for ourselves and our family.

It is always fresh.  Amihan Organics makes it soap in small batches to preserve the freshness.  This ensures that its customers will always have the best quality in its products.


It is time to revisit our choices in personal skin care.  Let us start choosing organic and enjoy the multitude of benefits that it offers. 

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