About Us

Eco-Warriors Unite

Mother Nature is both awe-inspiring and humbling!

That is the experience we get, as both climbers and divers, every time we go back to Her fold. The vastness, colors, sounds, diversity and abundance of life can only lead to one’s desire to protect nature’s gifts and blessings.

As such, it became our task to create, to the best of our abilities and know-how, products that are both human and nature friendly.

All our products are derived from natural ingredients, free from synthetic materials and harsh chemicals. We refrain from plastics and any materials that leave a significant environmental footprint. Lastly, we avoid ingredients, such as Palm oil, that poses a threat to the ecology or environment of certain endangered species.


To fill the void…

The history of our products originated from the various circumstances we encounter while enjoying our love of nature and our chosen outdoor sports, mainly, rock climbing and scuba diving.

Oftentimes, during climbing trips particularly in Krabi, Thailand, we were faced with a couple of nuisances: mosquitoes and sunburn. This is where the idea of a sunscreen and an anti-bug spray rolled into one come about and thus, the Sunbug lotion was born! Efficient and practical for climbers and outdoor folks who are very much conscious on the load and gear they carry. The ingredients of the Sunbug is all natural, making it reef-friendly.

Our healing salve is our answer to skin irritations and itchiness brought about by outdoor activities such as trekking, trail running, mountain biking, swimming at the beach, snorkeling, scuba diving. It may also be used as a soothing balm for headaches and sleeplessness. A perfect ender from a great and tiring outdoor activity.

Are you one of those who gets disturbed seeing or hearing of turtles, dolphins, and other sea critters getting tangled, stuck or killed by irresponsible plastic disposal? If you are, then come on board our boat of advocacy and join us reduce plastic usage. Our shampoo bar and soaps takes away the need for plastic containers. Furthermore, the natural ingredients used in all our shampoos and soaps are brook, stream, river, sea and ocean friendly. These products will suit any footprint-conscious outdoor person exploring and enjoying nature. Lastly, carefully chosen oils used in our shampoos are good therapy for both hair and scalp, while our soaps reduces skin dryness and gives the skin an extra glow.

Yes, Amihan Organics and its products came about to help fill that void…. the void between us and Mother Nature. We should really start to become a true and loving friend to Her and not just a “fair weathered” one.

Why Amihan Organics?

Amihan is the name of the North East wind which brings the cool breeze into the Philippines.

Amihan signifies the end of the country’s rainy days and the start of the joyous, merry season all Filipinos look forward to every year.

True to its name, Amihan Organics aims to bring warmth and joy to all those who use our products. We aspire to provide each and every one of you with year-round merriment and care by ensuring the products you get are made only of the highest quality of natural ingredients we could find.

Our products are carefully formulated to ensure satisfaction with every use. We, as a company, are committed to continuously develop and offer non-toxic personal care products that will bring the pure pleasure you deserve.